About Us

The Residents and Ratepayers Association was formed some years ago to give Residents and Ratepayers an avenue of complaint outside Council in the Swan Hill Rural City.

Since its inception we have been actively pursuing issues that affect the majority of residents in this vibrant Rural City. To facilitate this, we have developed this website to inform and invite residents to have their say. However to do so you must become a member. Although meeting attendance is recommended, it isn’t mandatory, especially to those who reside further away from Swan Hill Township.

But every organisation needs numbers to make it work and we need your input and assistance to keep up and build on the good works the Association has performed in the past.

To become a member, simply click the link and sign up. Meetings are held monthly, but communication is now available through our contact page.

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2022-2023 Office bearers are:
President : Robyn Wilkie
Vice-President : Ken Higgins
Treasurer : Mark Bedggood
Secretary : Roger Day

Any feedback you would like to give please contact our office bearers or webmaster by using the form below.