Well the Council elections are over and the results are in. It would seem that the community have decided that the Bridge was an “overarching” issue after all and that we now have three new Councillors, two who definitely oppose the construction of bridge option and Government choice 9A, with the other newcomer an unknown quantity. I’m not sure where he stands with 9A excepting to say that in his policy document he stated that we need to revisit the Bridge.

So I guess my grandchildren may never see a new Bridge. I know I certainly won’t unless I can find like minded individuals in the area who become more vocal about 9A as the minority did who opposed it.

Lakes Ward will still be represented by Les McPhee. Central Ward will now be represented by Greg Cruikshank, Jim Crowe and his daughter Jessie Kiley with Michael Adamson the fourth elected. Murray Mallee stays the same with Gary Norton winning comfortably there. Robinvale was nearly an upset but John Katis clung to victory by 20 votes.

So that’s the results –  a disappointment for Bill Croft and Yvonne Jennings but I guess that’s politics. And it will be another four years till we have the chance to make a change. Or will it ……

As this is my view and not necessarily the view of the majority of members of the Association, I need to start my own blog to get my views across separate to those of the Association. I’m looking for a name for this blog so any creative geniuses out there who can help out, please do so.