Just went to the Council meeting where the vote was going to be held to determine if the Community Advisory Committee to the Pioneer Settlement was going to get the green light. Well it didn’t. Strange that. What I did hear from Councillor King was a hole lot of hogwash though. At no stage were the Residents and Ratepayers ever against the idea of “Our Place”. Our concerns, which lead to our very public campaign, were about the location within the grounds of the Pioneer Settlement. Somehow, we are now being labelled as a small minority group who stopped this iconic development and the massive economic spin off to the community. I wonder if it’s possible to sue a Councillor for a baseless accusation like this?

But on to more mundane matters. With the CACPS being off the table we now need to get a “few” or our minority heads together and work out our next plan of attack as it would seem we have some Councillors who are clearly against the Residents and Ratepayers of Swan Hill Rural City. Sights are now firmly set on the next Council elections. We need to change a few Councillors and we are seeking Community minded individuals who would like to put their hands up.