At our last meeting it was pointed out that Council flatly refuse to remove the obsolete temporary levee bank in Riverside Park. Now to give a bit of history. During the flood crisis of 2011, a temporary levee bank was installed in Riverside Park, north of the Caravan Park, to protect Council’s assets (the caravan park and cabins) from the threat of flooding (God help the rest of us).

Now while we thought it prudent that our illustrious leaders of the time gave the “nod” to have this happen, we did feel that after the crisis was over that said mound of earth could be removed. But despite our repeated requests, and an article in the Guardian, it’s apparent that the Council are adamant that it stay. Wonder why?

Perhaps there is a real threat of flooding soon that only the Council know! Or maybe there’s a more sinister motive? Not sure. But as the Caravan Park has no where to grow except northwards, could there be another reason to not remove it?

I’ve asked 2 Councillors their opinion. One said he didn’t care if stayed or went provided Council didn’t have to fund the removal. The other Councillor didn’t even know that there was a levee bank in the Park but would surely investigate it.

So why the attitude? Don’t know. Perhaps the new CEO could enlighten us when he or she takes over the helm…