Well surprise, surprise, we now have a new Mayor. Les McPhee has been given the Mayoral Robes and we will have a new 4 year Council term starting off with this change. Along with this is the appointment of an interim CEO, David Leahy, who replaces the old CEO Dennis Hovenden. Added to this, next year should see the permanent appointment of a new CEO after Council have decided on a candidate.

So does this bode well for the Municipality? I guess only time will tell. I do hope that negativity, fear of change and fear of the future don’t squash development. Swan Hill really needs a brighter future. I would recommend all Councillors to listen and not be arrogant in their approach to the job. The hallmark of good leadership includes an open ear as well as an open mind. We don’t need nor want hidden agendas and a “them and us” attitude.