The Residents and Ratepayers are holding a public meeting in the interests of getting businesses and the Swan Hill Inc Board together, to better understand the workings of Swan Hill Inc and to raise awareness that the Special Rate is once again going to be voted on by Council. With this in mind, a meeting between the Swan Hill Inc Board and interested Ratepayers will be held in the Cafe Room at the Swan Hill Town Hall, Monday the 25th February 2019 starting at 6pm.  We will be canvassing business between then and now to invite them to participate. Submissions will be heard by Council in March and these need to be received by the 1 March to be included in the hearings. If you are keen to make submission to Council we suggest you attend this meeting to gain a better insight in to the workings of Swan Hill Inc. This meeting has nothing to do with Council but is simply a way for ratepayers to seek answers to questions they may have.

Key dates

RRA Public Meeting held in the Cafe Room at the Town Hall Monday 25th February at 6pm

Friday 1 March, 5pm – Submissions to Council close.
Wednesday, 13 March, 3pm and 6pm – public sessions for Councillors to hear from submitters.
Tuesday, 16 April – Ordinary Council Meeting where Council will consider declaring the Special Rate.