Well at last nights Guardian Election Forum there was a lot of noise about the bridge coming from a vocal minority as usual. Seems everyone wants a bridge somewhere else except in Swan Hill. Can’t understand it. There’s a reason Swan Hill has gone backwards in real terms and that’s simply because of the negativity on display by the general populace when it comes to development. I wonder who is driving all this?

However it was good to see some good thought coming from the new candidates. While some tended to waffle, I was impressed with others who genuinely believed in the community of Swan Hill Rural City. During question time I felt that Greg Cruikshank spoke well, as did Gary Norton and Les McPhee. Joh Katis is hard to understand at the best of times, but came across sincere and passionate about Robinvale. RRA member Tim Williams as candidate for Robinvale, also spoke well and confidently about his community, a difficult ward to call.

My thought is that despite the bridge kerfuffle, most Councillors are doing a good job and so I will be surprised if they are removed from office. But the public are fickle and can of course make a mountain out of a molehill, especially with the bridge issue, and could oust the current council in favour of a whole new bunch – what a scary thought.

I guess the good thing is that it’s the bureaucrats who actually run things and so all will keep going till any new blood learns the ropes. The Association wishes all candidates well in the election, and we are willing to work with whom ever obtain office.