The Association intend to ask Council some questions tonight regarding issues that have been ongoing. We all know that the Bureaucratic Machine moves slowly but this is ridiculous. One question we have been waiting for answer to for nearly 2 years. The other they just seemingly ignore.

One question is about a safe passage for pedestrians crossing Splatt Street from the medical centre to the hospital or back again (yes I know the irony of the name – let’s hope that lack of a pedestrian crossing isn’t prophesied by the Street name). The other question has to do with the removal of the temporary levee placed in Riverside Park during the flood crisis early last year (yep that’s right EARLY LAST YEAR). From our vantage point it would almost seem that Council are trying to grow the Riverside Caravan Park by stealth into parkland.

Tonight’s Council meeting will see an attempt by new and returned Councillors to change the position of Bridge 9A. Why is this such a big burning issue in peoples minds?

Go figure.