Well the Council meeting has come and gone and seemingly with it any chance of the Residents and Ratepayers having their say. Despite Council Officers admitting publicly that the consultation process was flawed, four of the seven Councillors present voted to adopt the new design. Councillor Jennings wanted to give the Community more time and was backed by Councillor Norton. Another Councillor, David Quayle voted for Councillor Jennings motion, yet the deciding vote was given by the Mayor. Is that leadership Councillor McPhee? This item needed to be tabled as was done to several others at the meeting.

But as far as some Councillors were concerned, sufficient consultation had occurred, this despite a lot of groups feeling that they weren’t heard or if they were heard, they were ignored. All this along with Council staff admitting they could have done the consultation process better. If the item was tabled till the next meeting then all the facts could have been presented to the various groups, greater information for the disgruntled could have been given.

So Councillors we pose this question “How can this be democracy?” Flawed consultation processes are still FLAWED, dissatisfied residents are still DISSATISFIED, the uninvited are still UNHEARD. Yet in your arrogance you say “consultation was sufficient”. This whole process beggars belief!